FAQ 2018-05-22T20:05:11-04:00
An error message pops up when I try to complete my order 2018-05-22T19:50:17-04:00

Don’t worry. Sometimes, an error message can pop up when you are trying to complete your order. The platform we are using can sometimes bug with the updates of some browsers.

The error messages can state the a shipping option isn’t available to your delivery address, or that one or more of the products in your cart are no in stock. Be assured that every product on our website are in our warehouse in reasonable quantity, and that we offer international shipping.

Since your checkout has been completed, we didn’t received your order, and the payment hasn’t been made. If this situation occurs to you, please contact us directly at info@arbitre-equipement.com, while stating every product that you wish to order, as well as your name and your delivery address. We will prepare your order accordingly.

Do you have a physical store? 2018-05-22T19:32:55-04:00

Unfortunately, we don’t have a physical store that you can visit. Since we are highly specialized in referee gear, we chose to operate exclusively online, to ensure that we offer you the most competitive prices.

However, we are working closely with some stores. During the checkout process, we can choose to have your order delivered for free to the store of one our our partner.