All Weather Waterproof Refsworld Notebook

All Weather Waterproof Refsworld Notebook

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  • 100% Waterproof Notepad
  • 40 game sheets
  • Specially formulated paper that will not tear and is 100%waterproof
  • Never get caught in the rain with no record of your game.
  • Dimensions: 16*12 cm (open)   8,5*12 cm (closed)

1 in stock


  • Record your game with confidence.
  • Use a pencil or a pen to record your game in all conditions.
  • The notebook is also reusable if you use a pencil, simply rub off with an eraser, or with an erasable pen.
  • Notepad offers the full range of game recording.
  • All aspects of the game can be recorded on this new format.
  • One team per page, all caution and send of codes at your fingertips.
  • Front and back cover allow you to personalize the book with you information, by using a permanent marker.


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Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 cm


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