Communication system – 4 users

Communication system – 4 users

1 869,99 $

Available on backorder

Includes :

  • 4 communication devices
  • 4 waterproof armbands
  • 4 earpieces with microphone
  • 1 aluminium carrying case
  • 4 charging cables
  • 2 dual wall charger

Available on backorder


Have you ever been mad for not being able to communicate with your colleagues on the field? You had instructions to give in the heat of the moment, and you couldn’t because you didn’t have time to go talk to your colleagues? Here’s the solution!

Rather than spending close to $ 4,000 on a competing system, we offer you one of the most powerful systems on the market at a ridiculously low price! This system will allow you to communicate easily with 2 other officials with a “hands-free” system – like a conversion on the phone, you speak and you get along without interruption. You can connect to one of 4 different channels in order to have your own frequency without interference. In addition, the system is suitable for outdoor conditions and maintains a connection beyond 100 meters, which is ample to cover the soccer field!

Also take advantage of our new headphones, which offer more comfortable support on the ear, a lighter sound and a foam to reduce wind interference.


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