Polar M200 Watch

Polar M200 Watch

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GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate

Polar M200 is a waterproof running watch with wrist-based heart rate, integrated GPS and 24/7 activity tracking.


Find the joy of running

The best workout is the one you do. The easy-to-use Polar M200 with wrist-based heart rate monitoring motivates and guides you every step of the way.


Optimize your training with Polar M200 Smart Coaching function:

  • Smart calories
    Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and how hard you’re training.
  • Activity guide
    Shows how active you’ve been during the day and gives practical guidance for reaching your daily activity goal.
  • Activity benefit
    Gives feedback on your daily, weekly and monthly activity, showing how your active choices help you stay healthy.
  • Training benefit
    Delivers motivating feedback immediately after training describing the effect of the session. Available on Polar Flow.
  • Running index
    Shows how your running performance is developing. Available on Polar Flow.
  • Running program
    Train for a running event with a personal and adaptive training plan in Polar Flow. Choose from four different targets, 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, and get a training plan that fits you and your goals.


Polar M200’s features:

  • Advanced GPS
    The M200’s built-in GPS keeps track of your pace, distance and altitude. After your run, you can see your route on Polar Flow.
  • Activity tracking
    he M200 tracks your steps, activity, sleep and calories 24/7, encouraging you to stay active every day.
  • Heart rate training
    Heart rate training is one of the most effective training methods. Measure your heart rate from the wrist and see your current heart rate zone on the screen.
  • Sport profiles
    Polar provides over a hundred different sport profiles which enables you to choose the right one for your training sessions.
  • Polar Flow
    Plan, sync and share your training using the exclusive Polar Flow online service and mobile application. All data is easily viewable.
  • Smart notifications
    Smart Notifications allow you to see notifications from your phone directly on the screen of your M200.
  • Individual targets
    You can set your own individual training targets and follow your progress towards them using Polar Flow.
  • Fun running displays
    Compare your current speed with the world record speed for a marathon or check what your Cooper test result would be with your current pace.


Polar M200’s technical specs:


  • Weight: 40g
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Display size: Visible area diameter 26 mm, 1342 pixels


  • Wrist-based heart rate
  • Integrated GPS with SiRFInstantFix™ satellite prediction technology
  • Activity sensor
  • Manual and auto laps
  • Vibra alerts
  • Waterproof (suitable for swimming)
  • 4 MB Flash memory
  • Rechargeable 180 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Battery duration up to 6 days (with 24/7 activity tracking + 1h/day of training with GPS and optical heart rate, without smart notifications)


  • Standard USB-A for data sync with PC or Mac
  • Bluetooth Smart with mobile (and optional heart rate sensors and weight scales)
  • FlowSync compatible with computer running Mac OS X 10.6 or later and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Polar Flow mobile app compatibility
  • Updatable software
  • UI languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian, Polish, Czech

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